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THE BEST SOLUTION for Creating Your Manuals!!

iTutor makes your working hours reduced!!
In addition, you can make your e-learning materials.



Up until iTutor has introduced, many of you had to capture each screenshot when making manuals. By using this advanced application, you do not have to struggle with such troublesome work anymore. What you need to do is to simply activate the application and then do the regular routine on the program which you wish to make a manual. At the end of the operation, a manual will be automatically created along with suitable screenshots. In addition, comments and notes are instantly inserted.
Therefore; by using iTutor, you will be able to create a highly complete manual with a minimum time.


Manuals containing long texts and photos or e-learning courses providing still images and explanations have given us a hard time to comprehend or acquire meanings. Also, while conducting a training session, there must have been gaps in trainees' intelligibilities. All those matters will no longer be a problem once you use iTutor. iTutor allows you to create motion images. It is much easier to understand instructions or contents from motion images than still images. Also, it helps reducing the amount of training time.


You can create various your e-learning materials with your PowerPoint files to import them into iTutor. iTutor has a function to make various type quizzes, so true or false quiz or multiple choices can be easily added to your e-learning materials by using iTutor. In addition, iTutor allows you to export a created manual, using filetype “scorm” which is preferable for LMS (Learning Management System).



Input of Voice

Output of Voice

Output to Microsoft

Output to HTML5

Test Format

Management of

  • Insert a blank slide
  • Slide inserted from the capture
  • Slide inserted from the image
  • Slide inserted from the project
  • Slide inserted from PowerPoint
  • To insert an object into a slide
  • Remove objects from the slide
  • Slide background
  • Save the slide as image
  • Add balloon
  • Text captions
  • Highlight
  • Spotlight
  • Feedback
  • Cursor path
  • Zoom and pan
  • Closed captioning
  • Take a screenshot
  • Insert Image
  • Insertion of voice
  • Insertion of video
  • Image
  • Video(FLV,AVI, WMV, mpeg4, WebM, MKV)
  • HTML slideshow
  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Handbook
  • HTML5 simulation
  • Mouse click Display
  • Text box insertion
  • Keyboard input portion display
  • Mouse hover display
  • ETC
  • true or false quiz
  • multiple choices quiz
  • fill-in-the-blank quiz
  • reordering quiz




Repeatedly, I needed to capture a screenshot, then cut and paste it on an excel spreadsheet. Once I thought I have done creating a manual and tried to print it out, often it required adjusting or re-formatting. I can’t believe how hectic it was. Then, I encountered iTutor! I was truly amazed how high quality manual I can make by simply starting up the iTutor. So, I decided to purchase it. I think no other software can do as excellent as iTutor.

WingArc1st Inc.

Looking at the demonstration, I intuitively thought that this was it! All the inquiries about “MotionBoard Cloud”, one of our main products, have been received through emails. Frequently, the more details we try to write in polite manners, the longer the email becomes. Some of our customers have expressed that they appreciate to receive a thoughtful reply; however, they have said it took too much time to read and understand. After introducing iTutor, we reply our customers with motion images and explanations. This truly helped our customers and we have been receiving good reputations from customers. To keep good relationship with customers is the key to be successful in business, I believe.



Company Name
BluePort, Inc.
Company Date of establishment
October 1,2009
Kuwazuru Tomoya
2-42-9,Nihonbashi Hama-cho,Chuou-ku, TOKYO, 103-0007 JAPAN



OS Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
It support only 64bit
※Capture of the touch panel operation is beyond the scope of warranty
Hardware requirements Processor: 1.0 GHz or higher (Recommended multi-core CPU 1.5GHz or higher)
Memory: 2GB or more
Hard disk: 2GB or more of free space
If you do the recording and playback of voice, sound card and a microphone is necessary
When you try to activate and release the Internet connection environment is necessary
Software requirements Browser Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox (38 or higher recommended)
Google Chrome (43 or higher)
Office Microsoft Word 2010 or more
Microsoft Excel 2010 or more
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or more
Limitation Trial version of the trial period will be 21 days.
It contains the watermark to the content that you created in the trial version.
The watermark will not be erased even after reading in the full version again.
It is not possible to use the Japanese voice synthesis option feature in trial version.





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